Ep. #3341

Season 14, Episode 79 -  Air Date: 7/11/2000
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Thorne and Kimberly seek answers from the firefighters. Kimberly breaks down as the fireman says that there were no survivors and that they have found partial remains. Thorne is in shock, but Kimberly stresses that she has to tell Sally. Amber takes the baby over to Brooke‘s house where Rick is hanging out with Bridget. Bridget is worried about where Brooke is. Brooke is conscious in hospital and calls Bridget and informs her of the accident. Thorne goes to Brooke at the hospital. Brooke finds herself in a serious state of shock when Thorne tells her that they couldn‘t find Macy. C.J. is furious when Sally and Clarke tell him that Thorne is leaving Macy for Brooke. They all agree that they need to support Macy. Everyone wonders what has happened when Kimberly falls through the door unable to speak.