Ep. #3340

Season 14, Episode 78 -  Air Date: 7/10/2000
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C.J. and Amber spend time with Little Eric at the appartment. C.J. tells her that the baby makes him feel close to Becky. C.J. begins thinking about Macy, as if he has a feeling that she needs him. Sally and Clarke sit at her penthouse and look through a photo album. Clarke tries to reassure Sally that Macy will be fine as she begins beating herself up for leaving Macy at the cabin. Clarke says the best is yet to come as they remember memories of Macy. Kimberly screams out for Macy through the flames. Thorne rushes off in a desperate attempt to find her. The firefighters and paramedics arrive. Brooke is rushed off in an ambulance as Kimberly begins to sob. Kimberly breaks down when Thorne says he is unable to find Macy and the firefighters seem like they aren‘t going to find her alive.