Ep. #3337

Season 14, Episode 75 -  Air Date: 7/5/2000
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Amber and C.J. arrive home with the baby from Becky‘s funeral. They remember memories of Becky then decide to clear through some of her things. They find a videotape addressed to both of them, and see that it is of Becky when they put it into the VCR. Kimberly is with Sally at her penthouse and Sally worries about Macy being alone at the cabin when Thorne calls and informs her of this. Kimberly offers to drive up and check on her. Macy flips out at Brooke for bringing her divorce papers. Macy grabs them and burns them in the fireplace. Macy yells at Brooke and then takes back her decision to allow Thorne to be with Brooke. Brooke attempts to leave, but Macy throws her to the floor.