Ep. #3335

Season 14, Episode 73 -  Air Date: 7/3/2000
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Ridge and Taylor sit around the pool with Thomas and the girls. Taylor wonders why Ridge is so sentimental lately, but he tells her it‘s because of Thorne and Macy‘s marriage breakdown. Morgan tells Clarke that she is pregnant with Ridge‘s child. Morgan is happy as can be, and Clarke revels in the news that will destroy Ridge‘s marriage to Taylor. Morgan makes him promise to keep the news a secret, saying she doesn‘t want to hurt their marriage. Jonathan brings Macy and Thorne‘s divorce papers over to Brooke, and she is happy that‘ll it‘ll all be over soon. Meanwhile up at the cabin, Macy tells Thorne that she will agree to the divorce. Macy says she loves him, and wishes him the best, even if that be with Brooke. Macy and Thorne sit down to one last dinner together.