Ep. #3334

Season 14, Episode 72 -  Air Date: 6/30/2000
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Morgan explains to Clarke how she manipulated Ridge into her bed. Clarke can‘t believe Ridge fell for it and Morgan tells him that she had told Ridge that she wasn‘t pregnant, but now she isn‘t so sure. Morgan goes off to take another test. Taylor and Ridge prepare for a barbecue by the pool. Taylor suggests inviting Morgan, but Ridge refuses. Taylor wonders why he has turned against Morgan but he says it‘s personal. Up at Big Bear, Macy has prepared a dinner for herself and Thorne. Sally doesn‘t want to leave Macy alone, but Macy explains that she needs one last night alone with Thorne. Sally agrees to leave when Macy insists that she is fine. Thorne leaves for the cabin and asks Brooke to wait at home for Jonathan to bring the divorce papers over. When Thorne arrives at the cabin he is shocked to find Macy dressed up telling him that she has a surprise for him.