Ep. #3333

Season 14, Episode 71 -  Air Date: 6/29/2000
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Clarke comes by to see Morgan at the beach house and he tells her how he wishes to take the Forrester family down. Morgan tells him she is going to get her own revenge on Stephanie. Morgan trusts Clarke with a secret, and tells him that she slept with Ridge. Ridge makes love to Taylor and tells her he loves her, as his guilt obviously shows. Thorne and Brooke order Eric to leave them alone, but he lays on the guilt that their relationship will destroy Stephanie. Brooke tells him that she and Thorne will be together no matter what. Sally finds Macy drinking and Macy tells her that she is going to go up to Big Bear. Sally doesn‘t think it‘s wise, but Macy is decided. Thorne calls Jonathan and asks for more divorce papers, then Thorne later receives a call from Macy, asking him to meet her at the cabin.