Ep. #3332

Season 14, Episode 70 -  Air Date: 6/28/2000
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Ridge drops some work off in Morgan‘s office and she attempts to talk to him, but he refuses to listen. Clarke stops by Forrester Creations to find Thorne, but bumps into Taylor instead. He tells her that Thorne is leaving Macy for Brooke and asks for her help. Taylor says she can‘t get involved and Ridge orders Clarke to leave when he comes in. Clarke is furious at their lack of support and tells them that he hopes Brooke destroys them all, as Morgan listens in from outside. Macy is upset that Thorne would confront her with divorce in front of Brooke. Thorne asks her to sign the papers, but she refuses to let him ruin his life and she tears them up before rushing out of the house. Macy goes to Eric and tells him that Thorne is leaving her for Brooke. Eric shows up at Brooke‘s at tells Thorne that he won‘t marry Brooke.