Ep. #3330

Season 14, Episode 68 -  Air Date: 6/26/2000
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Thorne spends an evening with Brooke and tells her that he is going to have Macy admitted into rehab. Brooke wants Thorne to move in with her once he has. Kimberly tries to support Macy as she drinks and tells herself how she is a wreck and blames herself for Thorne leaving. Thorne later arrives home after Kimberly has left and Macy tries to touch him but he stops her. She suggests they go bed, but Thorne says he is sleeping on the sofa. Macy is upset as she grabs her vodka bottle. Ridge demands Morgan tell him the results of the pregnancy test and is relieved when it is negative. Ridge lays into Morgan about manipulating him and thanks that there is no baby. Ridge goes home to Taylor and kisses her before making love again.