Ep. #3329

Season 14, Episode 67 -  Air Date: 6/23/2000
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Ridge marches over to the beach house and hands Morgan a pregnancy test. She uses it and while they wait they argue about how she manipulated him. Rick offers C.J. support before leaving and Amber tells C.J. he needs to be strong for Becky. C.J. feels it too soon for Becky to die. Becky sits in bed with Little Eric and tells him that she has to leave him. She promises that they will be together again some day. Amber promises Becky that she will take good care of the baby and tell him about his mother. C.J. sits by Becky‘s side and she asks him to talk about the wedding. They both say that their love will never end. As C.J. kisses Becky, she dies in his arms.