Ep. #3328

Season 14, Episode 66 -  Air Date: 6/22/2000
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Brooke finds Morgan working late in her office. Brooke is shocked when Morgan says that Ridge helped her get pregnant. Brooke presses for answers but Morgan remains secretive. Ridge arrives home to find Taylor waiting for him in the bedroom. She seduces him and they make love and Taylor tells him how safe she feels. Ridge later calls Morgan and orders her to meet him tonight. Becky and C.J. discuss when they first met and Becky tells him that after she has gone she wants him to move on with someone else. They have a dance, but Becky collapses. Rick asks Amber if any papers have been drawn up as to who will raise Little Eric but Amber says it isn‘t important as he is staying with her. Becky and C.J. bound in the door, Amber is frantic as C.J. and Rick carry Becky to the bedroom. C.J. admits he feels Becky is going to die.