Ep. #3327

Season 14, Episode 65 -  Air Date: 6/21/2000
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Rick comes by to see little Eric, whom Amber is looking after. They discuss Becky‘s after-death wishes for Little Eric. Rick mentions Becky‘s idea of him and Amber getting back together, but both agree that it isn‘t an option. Becky and C.J. have dinner at the Cafe Russe and Becky wonders if C.J. finds Amber attractive. C.J. understands Becky just wants two parents for her son, but he feels this isn‘t the right time to discuss it. Ridge can‘t keep his hands off Taylor and suggests they go on vacation. Taylor wonders what has Ridge so stressed but she puts it down to work. Stephanie questions Morgan about what she is up to, but Morgan feels Stephanie is only concerned because she knows Ridge has feelings for her. Ridge later drops in and realises Morgan is insane as she jokes about the situation. Ridge tells her that she had better not be pregnant.