Ep. #3326

Season 14, Episode 64 -  Air Date: 6/20/2000
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C.J. seeks support from Sally as he tells her Becky is getting worse and feels she is slipping away. Becky hints that Rick and Amber seemed closer at her welcome home party, but Amber doesn‘t want to think about it. Rick later comes by to spend time with the baby and Becky suggests the idea of him getting back with Amber but he doesn‘t believe it‘s possible. C.J. later drops by and tells her he is taking her out for dinner, while Amber offers to watch the baby. Taylor goes to Morgan to talk to her about her insemination procedure. Morgan thanks Taylor for allowing Ridge to help and offers her and Ridge to be godparents. Stephanie tells Ridge that Morgan is manipulative and she sences a change in his attitude towards Morgan. Stephanie suggests they have Brooke fire Morgan. Stephanie later goes to Morgan and begins ripping into her.