Ep. #3325

Season 14, Episode 63 -  Air Date: 6/19/2000
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C.J. takes Becky home from the hospital to an apartment filled with Amber, Rick, Stephanie, Joe, Tilly and Little Eric. They all wish her a welcome home as they share cake. Becky talks to her son about everyone in the family as she knows he will be well taken care of. When Macy realises that their is no saving her marriage, she asks Thorne to leave as she wants to be alone. Once alone she knocks back some more vodka. Kimberly is furious when Brooke refusues to take any responsibility for Macy going back on the bottle. Kimberly thinks Brooke is vile and warns her that once Macy is better that Brooke had better watch out. Thorne later arrives and tells Brooke that he asked Macy for a divorce. Kimberly drops in on Macy and finds her drinking. Macy says she has no reason to stop and informs Kimberly that Brooke hasn‘t yet won the war.