Ep. #3324

Season 14, Episode 62 -  Air Date: 6/16/2000
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Macy begs Thorne not to give up on their marriage. Macy blames Brooke but Thorne insists it‘s nothing to do with her. Macy wonders if it‘s about her drinking, but Thorne explains he just doesn‘t love her the way he should. Kimberly, Clarke and Sally gather in her office at Spectra Fashions. Sally feels Thorne won‘t leave Macy but Clarke and Kimberly believe Brooke is a serious threat. Kimberly decides to go to Brooke herself, while Sally hopes and prays for Macy‘s marriage. Kimberly goes to Brooke and warns her to back off Thorne and Macy‘s marriage. Brooke says that Macy came between her and Thorne, not the other way around. Kimberly pleads that Brooke just give Macy some space and let her save her marriage.