Ep. #3323

Season 14, Episode 61 -  Air Date: 6/15/2000
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Stephanie warns Taylor to look out for her marriage but Taylor insists that Morgan isn‘t a threat. Stephanie can‘t understand why Taylor isn‘t taking Morgan more seriously. Ridge vents his anger to Morgan but she continues to say that it was right. Ridge says Taylor needs to know but Morgan tries to stop him ruining things. Taylor walks in and offers support to Morgan and hopes she is pregnant. As Ridge leaves he tells Morgan that he wants to be with her when she takes her pregnancy test. Brooke informs Rick that Thorne is ending his marriage to Macy but Rick feels it may be too much for her to handle while she is back on the drink. Thorne tells Macy that their marriage was a mistake. Macy tries to convince him otherwise but he says that he wants a divorce.