Ep. #3322

Season 14, Episode 60 -  Air Date: 6/14/2000
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Taylor stops by to see Stephanie at her home and Stephanie begins ragging on Morgan. Taylor informs Stephanie of Morgan‘s wish for Ridge to be the father of her child and Stephanie believes this proves her point that Morgan is trying to steal Ridge. Ridge demands Morgan admit to setting him up, but she sees it as something that had to be done to make things right. Ridge frets that he will lose Taylor and his children but Morgan suggests that Taylor never need know. At Manniquins, Brooke tries to offer Macy support as she knocks back another drink. Macy insists that she doesn‘t need help and orders Brooke to stay away as she hurries out of the bar. Macy‘a A.A. counselor tells Thorne that he must be honest with Macy in order for her to get better. Thorne thinks it‘s cruel, but realises what he must do. Macy starts telling Thorne how she put Brooke in her place when Thorne stops her, explaining he has somethig important to tell her.