Ep. #3321

Season 14, Episode 59 -  Air Date: 6/13/2000
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Thorne seeks advice from Macy‘s A.A. counselor. Thorne informs him that he is leaving Macy for another woman and doesn‘t want her to be pushed over the edge. Thorne is advised to keep Brooke as far away from Macy as possible. Brooke is at Manniquins having lunch with Rick when Macy walks in and orders a drink at the bar. Macy begins yelling at Brooke when she sees her and brags that Thorne is her husband and again warns Brooke away from him. Clarke meets with Morgan at the Insomnia and she tells him she may be pregnant. She cryptically informs him that her inpregnation wasn‘t artificial. Ridge is horrified when he learns that Taylor leant Morgan her laptop and realises she faked Taylor‘s E-mail. Ridge goes to Morgan and confronts her over her manipulation.