Ep. #3320

Season 14, Episode 58 -  Air Date: 6/12/2000
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Becky wakes the next morning in the hospital with C.J. and Dr. Russell at her side. Amber, Sally, Macy, Tilly and Joe drop in and offer Becky all the support they have. C.J. and Becky later share their joy at being newlyweds. Brooke and Thorne play footsie under the table during a meeting and call it short to kiss passionately. Thorne promises Brooke again that he will leave Macy soon, but Brooke shows concern for Macy‘s addiction. Macy calls Thorne to see him, but after he tells her that he is busy, Macy takes some drink from a flask in her purse. Ridge drops by to see Morgan as she thanks for him for all he has done. Ridge wonders if Morgan is now pregnant and she says she hopes she is. Ridge goes home to see a returning Taylor and is shocked when she asks how Morgan‘s artificial insemination went.