Ep. #3317

Season 14, Episode 55 -  Air Date: 6/7/2000
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Ridge finds Brooke whilst looking for Eric at Forrester Creations. Brooke begins digging for information on why he isn‘t talking to Stephanie and why he is spending so much time with Morgan. Ridge goes to Morgan and she asks him if he will honor her and Taylor‘s wish. Becky explains to Amber that Dr. Russell called as she was leaving and told her about the cancer. Amber sobs, but Becky thanks her for making her life happy. Becky thinks she should call the wedding off, but Amber insists that she has to marry C.J. Tilly and Tawny hold Little Eric, alongside Eric and Stephanie, while Clarke, Darla, Thorne and Macy sit on the opposite side. As the ceremony begins, Amber joins Rick at the front of the chapel, followed by C.J. and Sally. Finally Joe walks Becky down the aisle to C.J. at the altar.