Ep. #3316

Season 14, Episode 54 -  Air Date: 6/6/2000
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Sally, Clarke and Darla tell Thorne and Macy about Becky‘s cancer. Macy realises why the wedding is being rushed and she wonders how they can celebrate a wedding when the bride is dying. Stephanie and Eric open their home to Joe, Tilly and Tawny as they arrive from Furnace Creek. Stephanie supports Tilly as she breaks down over Becky‘s condition. C.J. goes to Rick and tells him about the wedding. Rick tries to talk him out of it until C.J. tells him that Becky is dying. C.J. asks Rick to be his best man. Becky gushes with happiness at the thought of marrying C.J. and she asks Amber to be her maid of honor. Everybody gathers at the chapel as C.J. thanks them all for making the day possible. Amber waits in the bridesroom as Becky arrives. Amber is shocked when Becky says that she knows she is dying.