Ep. #3315

Season 14, Episode 53 -  Air Date: 6/5/2000
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Ridge tells Morgan that Taylor E-mailed him. He says that Taylor explained that nearly losing Jack made her realise what‘s important and she asks Ridge to give Morgan the child she wants. Ridge has trouble believing it, but Morgan thinks it‘s wonderful. Sally supports C.J. as he wakes up on his wedding day. Sally wishes things could be different, but CJ asks her to hold it together to make this the best day of Becky‘s life. Amber has to pretend to be Becky again when Dr. Russell calls about a new medication, but Amber hangs up on him as Becky wakes. Becky tries to be excited as she hides her pain through tired eyes. C.J. calls Becky and they tell one another how much they love the other. CJ starts to cry as Becky says she will be his wife for the rest of their lives.