Ep. #3314

Season 14, Episode 52 -  Air Date: 6/2/2000
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Morgan walks into Ridge‘s office in a skimpy dress and apologises for asking him to father her child. Ridge receives an e-mail from Taylor and is shocked by what he reads. C.J. meets with Eric at a chapel as Eric says he has a surprise for him. Becky soon arrives and is blown away when she sees the chapel beautifully decorated ready for her wedding. Becky and C.J. thank Eric for what he has done. Amber is at home alone when Tawny arrives. Amber isn‘t thrilled to see her, especially when Tawny starts threatening to tell Becky that she is dying, having heard the truth from Joe and Tilly. Amber manages to convince Tawny that Becky will be thankful for the final moments of her life, before throwing Tawny out the door.