Ep. #3313

Season 14, Episode 51 -  Air Date: 6/1/2000
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Morgan continues to ask Ridge and Taylor to give her the child she needs, but they stand by their decision not to. Taylor‘s father calls and shocks her by saying he has had another heart attack. Taylor rushes upstairs as she informs Ridge and Morgan that she must go and be with Jack. Macy tells Thorne how she tried to be stronger and regrets taking a drink. Macy blames Brooke for her insecurities, but Thorne tries to take the blame himself. Thorne says that Macy shouldn‘t depend on him to stay sober, but she feels he is the only one she can count on. Rick confides in Brooke that he is happy for her and Thorne, but wonders how it will affect his relationship with Kimberly. Sally bursts into the office demanding to talk to Brooke alone. Sally warns Brooke to stay away from Thorne. She threatens to destroy her if she doesn‘t.