Ep. #3312

Season 14, Episode 50 -  Air Date: 5/31/2000
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Morgan presses Ridge and Taylor for an answer and Ridge breaks it to her that he won‘t father her baby. Morgan pleads that she only needs him as a donation, but he still refuses. Taylor apologises but stands by her husband‘s choice. Thorne tells Brooke that he loves her. He leaves with the promise that they will officially be together within a few weeks once Macy is stronger. Rick later comes by to see Brooke and is happy when she shares the news, although Rick wonders about what will happen to Macy. Sally spends the morning with Macy and discusses her taking a drink. Macy insists that it was just a slip, but Sally remains concerned. Macy feels Brooke is out of the picture but Sally isn‘t convinced. As Sally leaves she runs into Thorne and warns him that he had better not let Macy down.