Ep. #3310

Season 14, Episode 48 -  Air Date: 5/29/2000
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Macy refuses to leave Brooke‘s office as she continues to hurl insults. Brooke agrees with everything Macy says in order to get her out. Thorne takes Macy home and she pleads with him not to be angry with her. Thorne blames himself for Macy drinking and she goes to sleep it off. Thorne calls Brooke and tells her that he can‘t leave Macy right now. Brooke understands and tells him she loves him. Joe and Tilly demand answers from Amber and C.J. Amber slowly tells them about the cancer and how Becky doesn‘t know she is dying. Tilly and Joe are distraught and tell C.J. that their won‘t be a wedding, Joe demands that they gather Becky‘s things and take her home to Furnace Creek. Becky interupts with a phone call, and Tilly and Joe hear how happy she is at the thought of getting married. They give their blessing as Amber thanks them.