Ep. #3309

Season 14, Episode 47 -  Air Date: 5/26/2000
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Eric and Stephanie talk at Forrester Creations about Becky. Stephanie wonders if Becky‘s parents have been told and insists that they should have been told right away. Tilly and Joe arrive to see Becky and Tilly questions Becky as to why she is rushing into marriage. C.J. attempts to reach out to Joe, but Joe refuses to give his support to their wedding. Becky decides to leaves so that Joe and Tilly can spend some time with C.J. Joe notices Amber and C.J.‘s shifty behavior and demands to be told the truth. Brooke and a drunk Macy trade insults while Thorne is stuck in the middle. Thorne attempts to usher Macy out the door, but Macy continues to blame Brooke for causing her to break six years of sobriety. Macy demands that Thorne tell Brooke to back off.