Ep. #3308

Season 14, Episode 46 -  Air Date: 5/25/2000
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A drunk Macy rubs her marriage to Thorne in Brooke‘s face, but Brooke informs Macy that Thorne is planning to end their marriage. As Thorne sits at home worried about Macy, Sally arrives to have words. Sally tells Thorne that he must reassure Macy to keep her from drinking, but Thorne feels Macy shouldn‘t be depending on him to stay sober. Thorne rushes out when Brooke calls him over to her office immediately. Macy attempts to down some more Vodka when Brooke steals it from her. Macy flips out and stumbles around as Thorne arrives and sees Macy hammered. Amber makes Becky another smoothie as C.J. arrives. Becky tells C.J. that Clarke gave his blessing. C.J. is thrilled and suggests Becky tell her parents about the wedding. Tilly and Joe tell Becky that they will come to L.A. but only to stop her making a mistake by getting married.