Ep. #3306

Season 14, Episode 44 -  Air Date: 5/23/2000
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Becky drops by Spectra Fashions to speak to Clarke about her wedding. Becky tells Clarke that she is prepared to wait if he is against the wedding, but Clarke gives his blessing when he sees how much it means to Becky. Rick begins arguing with Thorne. Rick accuses Thorne of being a coward by staying with Macy, Thorne flips out as Brooke enters. Brooke gets Rick to leave and Thorne finally admits that he loves Brooke. They kiss as he promises he will end his marriage to Macy. Kimberly desperately tries to keep Macy from taking a drink. Kimberly reassures Macy that Thorne loves her, and the alcohol will only make things worse. Kimberly manages to take the bottle and leaves with it. Going to Sally, Kimberly tells her that Macy is being tempted by alcohol again. Meanwhile, Macy finds herself in a store and buys another bottle of Vodka.