Ep. #3305

Season 14, Episode 43 -  Air Date: 5/22/2000
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Taylor is shocked that Morgan wants Ridge to be the father of her child. Morgan says she doesn‘t want to steal Ridge, she only wants his baby and then she would leave town. Morgan begs Taylor to think about it. Macy wakes Thorne up with a kiss. She tells him that she wants to start a family and tries to make love to Thorne but he leaves saying he has a meeting at work. Kimberly comes by later and Macy tells her that she is feeling unwanted and believes Thorne wants out of their marriage. Kimberly grows concerned when Macy finds Vodka in the cupboard and stares at the bottle. Rick talks with Brooke about Thorne. Rick thinks Thorne needs to leave Macy if he isn‘t in love with her, instead of leaving Brooke hanging in limbo denying his feelings. Thorne later bumps into Rick who demands Thorne admit his love for Brooke.