Ep. #3303

Season 14, Episode 41 -  Air Date: 5/18/2000
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Taylor visits Stephanie in her office and Taylor informs her that she knows about Morgan‘s abortion. Stephanie begins warning Taylor away from Morgan but she refuses to listen to it. Taylor stops by the beach house to see Morgan who apologises for running out of the clinic. Taylor understands Morgan‘s pain and promises to be there for her. Becky fusses around worrying about the preparation for the wedding but Amber sends her back to bed. C.J. arrives and Amber tells him that she is going to give Becky the wedding dress she wore when marrying Rick, that previously belonged to Stephanie. Amber later presents it to Becky. Clarke is surprised to learn that CJ didn‘t tell Becky the truth. Sally informs him that C.J. proposed to Becky and Clarke calls C.J. to the office. Clarke tells CJ that he won‘t be marrying Becky.