Ep. #3302

Season 14, Episode 40 -  Air Date: 5/17/2000
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Stephanie, Eric, Sally and Amber are all shocked when Becky‘s tells them that she and C.J. are getting married. Sally takes C.J. aside and wonders what he is up to. C.J. tells Sally that he wants give Becky a wedding and show her how much he loves her. Sally insists Becky needs to know of her condition but C.J. thinks it isn‘t time. Amber and Stephanie join them and Amber sides with C.J., while Sally and Stephanie are unsure about continuing to hide Becky‘s fate from her. C.J. promises that he will tell her after they are married. With Ridge and Taylor at her side, Morgan confidently asks the doctor to start her insemination procedure. Suddenly Morgan freaks out when she sees the tools to be used and darts from the room.