Ep. #3301

Season 14, Episode 39 -  Air Date: 5/16/2000
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Taylor and Ridge meet Morgan at a clinic where she shows them a portfolio of the donor she has chosen for her insemination. Taylor and Ridge ask Morgan if she is sure she wants to go through with the procedure and she assures them that she is. Amber, Stephanie and Eric all worry how Becky will handle knowing she is dying. Sally has to stop them from going over to the apartment by telling them to allow CJ and Becky one last moment alone together. Becky is unsure on what to make of C.J.‘s proposal. Becky suggests that they wait a while, but C.J. tells her that they shouldn‘t waste a moment. Becky accepts as C.J. professes his love to her. Eric, Stephanie, Sally, Amber and Little Eric arrive later and Becky wonders why everybody is so glum.