Ep. #3300

Season 14, Episode 38 -  Air Date: 5/15/2000
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In Ridge‘s office, Taylor and Ridge discuss Morgan. Taylor fears that Morgan is trying to recreate the past and she asks Ridge what he would have done had he known Morgan was pregnant. Morgan listens in at the door as Ridge says that he would have married Morgan. Morgan comes in and thanks them both for helping and supporting her. Amber, Sally, Stephanie and Eric gather at the Forrester estate as they wonder how C.J. will be able to tell Becky that she is dying. Meanwhile, CJ makes Becky one of Amber‘s smoothies and applies the medication. Becky suffers from some pain as C.J. comforts her. C.J. tells Becky of his plans for their future as he gets down on one knee and asks Becky to marry him.