Ep. #3299

Season 14, Episode 37 -  Air Date: 5/12/2000
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Clarke finds Darla in Sally‘s office and breaks the news to her of Becky‘s cancer. Darla sobs as she wonders how something so terrible could happen to someone so young. Becky stops by a church on her way home and and gives prayers of thanks for her son and for C.J. C.J. questions everybody as to why they are at the apartment. Amber tells the story of how Becky had some tests carried out. With Sally and Stephanie‘s help, Amber breaks the news to C.J. that Becky has cancer. C.J. refuses to believe it, but Sally informs him that Becky only has months to live. As C.J. breaks down in tears, he tells them all to leave so he can tell Becky alone. Becky later arrives and C.J. holds her close.