Ep. #3298

Season 14, Episode 36 -  Air Date: 5/11/2000
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Kimberly visits Rick and they begin arguing when discussing Thorne, Macy and Brooke. Kimberly bad mouths Brooke but Rick stands by his mother. Kimberly informs Rick that she will be standing by her sister and storms out. Macy lays into Brooke and accuses her of being a slut and a bad mother. Brooke throws insults back telling Macy that Thorne is married to her out of pity. Macy is furious and warns Brooke one last time to stay away from her husband. Becky cringes in pain on the drive home and C.J. insists she see a doctor but Becky refuses. Amber is surprised when the knock at the door is Eric. Eric says he came to offer his support to Becky when she learns of her cancer. C.J. later arrives alone, explaining that Becky went to the store, and he wonders why everybody is in the apartment.