Ep. #3296

Season 14, Episode 34 -  Air Date: 5/9/2000
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Kimberly yells at Brooke to keep her distance from Thorne and Macy. Brooke reminds Kimberly that she is her boss, but Kimberly dares Brooke to throw her out. Kimberly storms out after saying her final word. Thorne tries to talk to Macy but she continues to talk on about how Brooke is a threat and needs to stay away from them. Macy tells Thorne that she needs him and wouldn‘t know what to do without him in her life. Thorne later goes to Brooke and tells her about how delicate Macy is right now. Brooke insists that Macy must be told the seriousness of their feelings for one another, but Thorne remains confused. In Santa Barbara, Becky and C.J. enjoy more time together as they declare their love, but C.J. grows worried when he sees Becky in pain. Sally and Stephanie drop by to see Amber and tell her that they believe Becky and C.J. need to be told of the cancer tonight. C.J. later calls Amber and tells her that they are coming home because Becky is unwell.