Ep. #3295

Season 14, Episode 33 -  Air Date: 5/8/2000
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Sally pays a visit to Stephanie at the mansion and tells her that she knows about Becky‘s cancer. Sally and Stephanie both agree that C.J. needs to be told now. Thorne tries to apologise to Macy for making her insecure, but Kimberly constantly butts in. Macy asks Kimberly to leave and Macy tells Thorne that for the sake of their marriage he must forget Brooke for good. Brooke assures Rick that Thorne will end his marriage to Macy soon. Rick supports Brooke and prays that she will get her wish. Kimberly later comes storming into Brooke‘s office shouting abuse. Kimberly warns Brooke to stay away from Thorne.