Ep. #3294

Season 14, Episode 32 -  Air Date: 5/5/2000
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Morgan is happy when Taylor says that she knows about the abortion and understands why she wants to have another baby. Taylor and Ridge promise to help her any way they can. Rick visits Brooke in her office and questions her as to why she‘s upset. Brooke admits her and Thorne‘s involvement and why he is married to Macy. Rick is shocked but hopes Brooke can move on, however Brooke says she feels Thorne‘s marriage to Macy will soon be over. Macy tells Sally about what happened in Venice. Sally tells Macy that Thorne loves her, and to fight Brooke. Kimberly accuses Thorne of having an affair with Brooke and informs him that Macy knows about what happened in Venice. Macy arrives and wonders why Kimberly and Thorne are fighting.