Ep. #3291

Season 14, Episode 29 -  Air Date: 5/2/2000
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In his office, Ridge tires to make Macy see that Thorne loves her, but Macy is unsure. She believes that Thorne would have married Brooke had Eric and Ridge not intervened. Becky and C.J. arrive in Santa Barbara and Becky is blown away at how beautiful their room is. C.J. tells Becky how much he loves her as they begin making plans together. At Spectra Fashions, Amber fills Sally in on Becky‘s fate. Explaining the whole stroy, Sally is in horror and what she learns, but understands why Stephanie forgave her. Sally insists that Becky has to be told but Amber pleads with Sally to just allow Becky and C.J. one day of pure happiness before crashing her life. C.J. calls and Sally makes him promise to show Becky a good time. Sally and Amber hug as Sally promises to do things Amber‘s way.