Ep. #3290

Season 14, Episode 28 -  Air Date: 5/1/2000
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Brooke looks through photographs of her and Thorne from Venice. Thorne finds her crying and Brooke admits that things aren‘t any easier for her. Ridge refuses to discuss Venice but Macy demands answers. Ridge explains his plan to suduce Brooke and have Thorne see so their relationship would be over. Macy is in shock when she realises that Thorne proposed to her right after seeing Ridge with Brooke. Amber attempts to tell C.J. about Becky‘s cancer, but once Darla tells Sally that Amber is in the building, Sally barges right in. C.J. and Becky head out down the highway to Santa Barbara, both excited about their trip. Meanwhile, Sally throws questions at Amber demanding answers on what‘s going on. Amber confesses it‘s about Becky, which leads Sally to think she is hiding a secret. Sally threatens to call Becky, so Amber blurts out that Becky is dying of cancer.