Ep. #3289

Season 14, Episode 27 -  Air Date: 4/28/2000
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Kimberly finds Macy at the Insomnia and is worried at how shaken she is. Macy says that she feels like she is going crazy and admits that she nearly had a drink. Macy realises that she has to talk to Ridge. At Forrester Creations, Brooke lays into Ridge when he comments on how she is moving on with her life. Brooke tells Ridge that she wants him to feel guilty for destroying her happiness. Ridge is surprised when Macy later drops in demanding answers about what happened in Venice. In his office, Eric tells Amber about C.J.‘s plan to take Becky to Santa Barbara. Eric feels C.J. needs to know about Becky‘s cancer incase something happens while they are away. Becky is thrilled when C.J. tells her about their trip. Amber goes to Spectra Fashions looking for C.J., but only finds Darla and an office full of roses for Becky. C.J. comes in and Amber tells him she has something important to say.