Ep. #3288

Season 14, Episode 26 -  Air Date: 4/27/2000
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At the Cafe Russe, Sally and Clarke continue to question Becky about why Stephanie forgave Amber, but Becky insists that there is no hidden agenda. Sally grabs Amber on the way out and warns her that she will find out what‘s going on. C.J. stops by Eric‘s office to ask if Becky can have the day off work so he can take her to Santa Barbara. Eric agrees then calls Amber telling her he needs to see her right away. Ridge and Taylor spend some quality time together with the kids before going to bed to make love. Stephanie refuses to allow Morgan to turn Ridge against her. Morgan insists she is having a baby for her own sanity and brags that Ridge and Taylor will be involved. Stephanie questions how Morgan intends on getting pregnant, but Morgan throws her out.