Ep. #3287

Season 14, Episode 25 -  Air Date: 4/26/2000
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Sally takes Clarke to the Cafe Russe and informs him that Becky will be joining them. Becky tells Sally about the birthday party and how Amber was welcomed. Once alone, Sally tells Clarke that she is going to find out what‘s going on, as Amber overhears and freaks out. Dr. Palmer tells Morgan about the artificial insemination procedure, but once she sees the room and memories of the abortion fill her mind, Morgan quickly runs out. Ridge lays into Stephanie when she refuses to take any responsibilty for Morgan‘s pain. Ridge also lets it slip that Morgan is living in the beach house, Stephanie isn‘t impressed. Taylor later comes by to see Ridge and tells him how Morgan freaked out at the fertility clinic. Morgan arrives home and finds Stephanie there. Stephanie tells Morgan to pack her things and get out.