Ep. #3286

Season 14, Episode 24 -  Air Date: 4/25/2000
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Taylor tells Ridge that Morgan left her a note with just an address on where to meet. Ridge thinks it‘s good that Morgan has Taylor to talk to. Following the address, Taylor finds herself at a fertility clinic. Taylor tries to convince Morgan to wait a while for a baby, but Morgan insists she needs a baby now as she leads Taylor in to see Dr. Palmer with her. Stephanie stops by Ridge‘s office to ask why he didn‘t attend little Eric‘s birthday party. Ridge tells her that he doesn‘t want to be around her. Ridge comes down on Stephanie for Morgan‘s abortion, but Stephanie tells him that she has no regrets, saying that she would do it again. Thorne apologises to Macy for missing her AA meeting. Macy questions Thorne about where he was and why Brooke was there, then adds that he spends too much time with Brooke. Later, Macy drives herself crazy with worry about Brooke and opens a bottle of wine, but manages to avoid temptation.