Ep. #3284

Season 14, Episode 22 -  Air Date: 4/21/2000
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Darla learns about the birthday party and shares in Sally‘s suspicions, but Clarke tells them that they are being silly. As the party begins, Stephanie has to get Amber to compose herself as she starts to break down. Brooke arrives and refuses to be in the same room with Amber but Stephanie convinces her to stay. Eric then demands to know what is going on and so Stephanie has to tell him about Becky‘s cancer. Eric agrees to keep quiet about it and help Becky enjoy her final months. Thorne and Brooke talk, while Kimberly tries to listen in on their conversation. C.J. apologises to Stephanie for the harsh words he said to her in the past, but Stephanie assure him it‘s all forgiven. Everybody sings happy birthday to little Eric as Stephanie, Eric and Amber all exchange knowing glances.