Ep. #3283

Season 14, Episode 21 -  Air Date: 4/20/2000
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Becky drops by Spectra Fashions to meet C.J. before little Eric‘s birthday party. Sally is suspicious when Becky tells her the Forrester‘s are throwing it and that Amber will be there. Amber visits Kimberly in her college dorm to invite her to the party. Kimberly refuses to talk to Amber and tries to throw her out. Rick arrives and tells Amber that he and Kimberly will be attending. Eric finds the house ready for the party and is sure there is more going on than he knows when Stephanie tells him that Amber and Brooke will be coming. Thorne arrives but tells Stephanie that he couldn‘t get hold of Macy. Rick and Kimberly arrive, followed by Amber and finally C.J. and Becky with little Eric. As everyone gathers Eric‘s suspicions grow when he sees how close Stephanie and Amber are.