Ep. #3281

Season 14, Episode 19 -  Air Date: 4/18/2000
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Morgan tells Ridge about her decision to have a baby. Ridge tries to talk her out of it, but Morgan says that having a baby will finally end the nightmare of her abortion. Giovanni stops by Brooke‘s office and worries about her working with Thorne. Brooke tells him that she respects Thorne‘s marriage to Macy, although it isn‘t easy for her. Macy sits alone waiting for Thorne as Kimberly calls. Kimberly offers to come over and be with Macy, but Macy assures her that she is fine. When Thorne arrives home he finds Macy in bed. As Brooke calls to thank Thorne for staying late to finish their work, Macy tries to contain her tears of pain and dissapointment.