Ep. #3280

Season 14, Episode 18 -  Air Date: 4/17/2000
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Taylor suggests Morgan find a husband to have children with, but Morgan insists that she just wants a baby and not a man. Taylor suggests they look into artificial insemination. Becky thinks Stephanie and Amber making up is reason to celebrate but Stephanie suggests Becky go home and rest. Amber thanks Stephanie for not telling Becky about her cancer and Stephanie promises to help Amber make Becky‘s final months happy. Macy prepares a special dinner for Thorne. He tells her that he has to go to the office but promises to be home in time for the meal. Kimberly drops by and Macy tells her to forget their last conversation, telling Kimberly that she won‘t allow Brooke to become an issue. Thorne later calls Macy and tells her that he is going to be late home. Macy learns that he is working with Brooke.