Ep. #3276

Season 14, Episode 14 -  Air Date: 4/11/2000
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As Rick tells Thorne about his sexual frustration with Kimberly, Macy is inside going out of her mind rehashing Eric and Ridge‘s conversation. Kimberly advises Macy to calm down, but she is unable to control her fears that Thorne would rather be with Brooke. In Paris, Ridge questions Morgan on what happened to her after her abortion. She tells him that Stephanie sent her away, and ever since she has suffered from depression and she almost had a nervous breakdown. Stephanie is at home with Eric as she tells him of her concerns about Morgan. Eric thinks Stephanie is making an issue out of nothing, but Stephanie insists that Morgan is cunning and after Ridge. Stephanie later calls Ridge, but Morgan takes the call. Stephanie warns Morgan not to return to Los Angeles, but Morgan informs Stephanie that she is going to make her pay.