Ep. #3275

Season 14, Episode 13 -  Air Date: 4/10/2000
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Dr. Russell gives Amber a perscription and advises her to make arrangements for the baby. C.J. and Becky enjoy their meal at the Cafe Russe as they declare their love for one another. Amber later arrives and Becky is concerned when she sees Amber crying. Brooke arrives home and tells Katie that Macy invited her to a barbecue. Brooke says that any hope she had of reuniting with Thorne has died. Meanwhile at the barbecue, Macy is stunned with what she hears and Eric, Sally and Clarke soon leave when they notice her strange behavior. Rick helps Thorne clean up after the party, while Macy takes Kimberly aside and informs her of what she heard. Kimberly is amazed when Macy says that Thorne only married her because of what Eric and Ridge did.